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Implements of Husbandry (IOH) Agricultural Commercial Vehicle (Ag CMV)

Due to the increasing size and weight of agricultural equipment, the Town Board of the Town of Saukville on December 16, 2014 adopted Local Government Option F to govern IOH and Ag CMV operation on town roads to balance agricultural need and the Town’s responsibility to provide safe roads and bridges for all.  Option F will abide by Act 377. IOH and Ag CMVs must apply for a permit to exceed weight, height and/or length regulations.

More information can be found on the WI Department of Transportation website:

No Fee Permit for Implements of Husbandry

No Fee Permit for Agricultural Commercial Vehicles

Implements of Husbandry/Ag CMV Maximum Weight Limitations Chart

Act 377 Summary

Frequently Asked Questions

Completed permit applications and questions should be directed to:

Kevin Kimmes, Town Chair, Town of Saukville   


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